Your Papers, Please

29 11 2011

Where’s the outrage over the failure to release copies of the long-form birth certificates of the Republican presidential hopefuls? It seemed like just yesterday (or perhaps the day before) that Donald Trump and every two-bit far-right blogger was screaming about the conspiracy to conceal Barack Obama’s papers.

  Where’s the heat from Fox “news,” Newsmax, Red State and that idiot in the hat who basically runs GOP press releases as his daily “Report?” Nowhere. I am astounded that the wingnuts haven’t called for Herman Cain to produce his proof of citizenship. After all he is nonwhite, and that seems to be what raises suspicions among the Republican elite and their teabagging puppetmasters.

  Aren’t GOP primary voters entitled to know what planet Michelle Bachmann is from. Or the ideological Petri dish Newt Gingrich oozed from. Or which Texas corral Rick Perry first reared his dense and dogmatic obedient head?

  No one is issuing any calls for such releases, not even Arizona, where wacky, far-right ideas always find a welcoming home. The silence everyone can can sense is proof that the entire “birther” movement had more to do with race than with any concern that a noncitizen could capture the highest office in the land.

  The uber-conservatives are upset they can’t have their segregated schools, lunch counters and drinking fountains anymore, but they are going to do all they can to make sure the White House returns to being white again — inside and out.

  The teabaggers and their ilk in Congress and the media continue to call for the people to “take back America.” Of course what they truly want is to take America back — to 1953, when civil rights were afforded only to whites and all others can shine shoes and clean up after their “betters.”

  Just a thought.